10 must-see small towns in Arizona

From the Grand Canyon to Sedona and Flagstaff, Arizona is brimming with tourist attractions. But what you probably don’t know is that the fourteenth most populated state in America is home to several small towns with charm and appeal you don’t want to miss. Here are 10-must-see small towns in Arizona that are worth visiting.


(Source: greerarizona.com)
(Source: greerarizona.com)(greerarizona.com)

Though it’s not exactly a city, Greer has an unmistakable appeal unmatched by many towns and cities in Arizona. This census-designated place in Apache County has the distinction of being one of the highest U.S. cities with an altitude of more than 8,000 feet. Greer makes for a relaxing destination with its lush landscapes, fishing destinations and hiking trails. It’s a definite must-see town when you’re visiting east Arizona.


Show Low, Arizona

It’s more than just a quirky name that’s hard to forget. Show Low is one of the oldest cities in Arizona, known for its blue lakes surrounded by picturesque mountains in Navajo County.

With motels and lodging around the city, it’s a great destination to spend some time with family and friends.


Jerome, Arizona

Arguably, few towns in Arizona invoke feelings of Arizona’s past like Jerome. This central Arizona town just east of Prescott and situated in Coconino National Forest maintains many remnants of Arizona’s mining past due to its well-known copper deposits.

Often considered a ghost town (there’s the annual Jerome Ghost Walk in October) its wineries are among the many attractions that lure tourists.


Bisbee, Arizona

If you really want a feel for the Old West, look no further than Bisbee. Located southeast in Arizona, not far from the U.S.-Mexico border, this small town is adorned with historic buildings and structures that remind you of the Old West. Like Jerome, Bisbee was also a copper-mining destination in the 19th century.

With the Bisbee Mining and Historical Museum, not to mention the many lodging spots for visitors, Bisbee is an exciting opportunity to feel Arizona’s past.


Sedona, Arizona

Peaceful, serene and a feast for the eyes, Sedona is a popular attraction with a reputation that precedes it. Surrounded by rocky mountains with rusty-red hues and forest-filled landscapes, the sunsets in Sedona are hard to match. Also adjacent to Red Rock State Park, Sedona makes for a relaxing tourist destination as well as a fun outdoor experience for those who enjoy hiking. With an airport, resorts and various lodging, Sedona is one of the most inviting desert towns Arizona has to offer.


Wickenburg, Arizona

Located just north of Morristown in Maricopa County, Wickenburg retains its own classic cowboy western aesthetic with entertainment and amenities to match. Its popular Desert Caballeros Western Museum offers more than a peak into old Western life and culture, and its dude ranches and hiking trails leave plenty of room for outdoor enthusiasts to roam the area to get a feel for the unique appeal that brings tourists to Wickenburg.


Ajo, Arizona

Just a few dozen miles above the U.S.-Mexico border, the small town of Ajo is sprinkled with a rich history of art and culture. Its Spanish-Colonial style structures and well-known Ajo Plaza are a window into the town’s past and make for an exciting sight-seeing destination for tourists with a bit of wanderlust.


Globe, Arizona

Riddled with historic buildings and not too far from adventurous terrain for hikers, Globe is a popular tourist destination in part because of its proximity to lakes and Western landmarks.

Globe is an excellent go-to destination, particularly with Theodore Roosevelt Lake and the awe-inspiring Roosevelt Lake Bridge just north of Globe. Tourists can also make a point to visit the Besh Ba Gowah Archaeological Park, especially during the annual Festival of Lights, if possible.


Parker, Arizona

If you enjoy boating or kayaking in seclusion, Parker could be a dream come true. Located adjacent to the Colorado River in La Paz County, the deep blue water surrounded by steep hills provides a great deal of fun with a backdrop of natural terrain. The annual La Paz County Fair, the Emerald Canyon Golf Course and assortment of lodging are additional reasons why Parker is a popular destination.


Williams, Arizona

Located in Coconino County, Williams is filled with entertainment, sites and monuments that embody Arizona. Williams is a popular destination, not only because of its distance from the Grand Canyon, but its historic Williams Depot -- a train that takes passengers to the Grand Canyon. What’s more, its Bearizona Wildlife Park offers visitors a unique sight-seeing trip through the park where you could spot bears, bison and other animals in their habitat. With the Elk Ridge Ski Area for some winter fun and historic scenery throughout the city, Williams is a treasure chest packed with outdoor fun, making it a much-deserving must-see town in Arizona.