Gibby Parra

Photojournalist & Reporter
Gibby Parra

A native of Arizona, Gibby's first job in broadcasting was in his hometown of Yuma. Still a junior in high school, he started there in 1989 as a tape operator for KYEL-TV. While the age of "tape" is long over, Gibby has evolved with the times. He became a photographer for KYEL and then moved to KOLD in Tucson after graduating from Yuma High School.

He moved to Phoenix to join 3TV as a photojournalist in 1994 -- he had just turned 21 -- and became an integral part of the station's flagship show, "Good Morning Arizona." He's seen Arizona's Family through more than two decades of growth and transformation, including the merge with CBS 5.

While he's still working behind the camera, he's also in front of it just as much now, reporting for both "Good Morning Arizona" on 3TV and "CBS 5 This Morning." Gib covers everything from the day's breaking news to the fun, light-hearted features Arizona's Family loves to see.

A friendly and familiar face to Arizona viewers, Gibby has been part of Arizona's Family for more than 25 years.

"What most people don't understand about Gibby is you know him has a photographer [and] you know him as an on-air personality and a reporter, but really, behind the scenes, Gibby does so much more [for the GMAZ team]," Javier Soto said. "He's our IT guy. He's our counselor. He's our minister. He's our sports director. He does everything for 'Good Morning Arizona.'… We absolutely love Gibby."

"My mom said, 'If you love what you do, then you'll never work a day in your life.' I have not worked a day in my life," Gibby said on his 25th anniversary with Arizona's Family.